Purchase of an electric wheelchair 09.09.2022

We want to share a story from which it is impossible to hold back tears.
Our hero, defender, husband and father, Zakhar Biryukov, was seriously injured while performing a combat mission, as a result of which medics had to amputate both arms and one leg.
He did not break down thanks to the support and love of his wife, who was always there for him.

Thanks to the financial support of Star Brand and personally Ivan Anatoliyovych @regym.hub and Denys Valentynovich @denysrud, we managed to buy our defender an expensive electric wheelchair (thanks to the prosthesis on his left arm, he will be able to drive it himself)

We have no words to express how grateful we are to you and how important your support is for us, for the hero’s family and, of course, for Zakhar himself. A low bow to you for your kind hearts.

We wish our hero good health from the bottom of our hearts.
We are proud to have such defenders.
Strength and inspiration to you, our hero!


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